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The sticking point for regulation had been whether broadband service providers were considered information services, which allows users to publish and store information on the Internet, or telecommunication services.


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MediaPost About MediaPost MediaKit Contact Editorial RSS Feeds. Image: Protesters gather on Bolyston Street in front of a Verizon store during a Net neutrality rally on Dec. Fredric paul is on mobile contract. Verizon owns it, opinion article from you go against another divide.


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Net neutrality critics suggest that by forcing ISPs to treat all traffic equally the government will ultimately discourage the investment in new infrastructure, and will also create a disincentive for ISPs to innovate.


But Congress could craft a law that focused only on prohibiting unfair practices and granted the FCC and Federal Trade Commission appropriate enforcement authority.


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NOT a mobile device, Mobile_Adhesion will not be displayed. ISPs increased innovation spending. PUCs to enforce civil penalties for ISPs not adhering to state net neutrality rules.


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They further equated the situation to that of the telephony market, where telephone companies are not allowed to control who their customers call or what those customers are allowed to say.


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Congress to step in and create net neutrality protections. We are on tech upstarts in control of opinion. Start allowing greater detail below. It also remanded a piece of the order back to the FCC and told the agency to take. This paved the way for a web that anyone with a computer could access.


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FCC sought to treat broadband as if it were a public utility under Title II of the Communications Act.


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Google for example follows an open model, while Apple almost religiously adheres to a closed system.



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Most of the commentary so far has centered on possible blockages of fast access to consumer services such as Netflix, or higher ISP prices to ensure unfettered access to popular online content.


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Internet providers and all communications companies could not prevent customers from using their networks the way they see fit, unless there is a good reason.


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